Support us

There are numerous ways for you to help our cause. They are listed below. Any amount of help goes a long way, so please consider donating!

Food Distributions – $30.00 for One Meal

This program supplies a full meal for 20 kids. Learn moreDonations can be made here

Sanitary Pad Supplies – $10.00 for 3 Girls

All donations from this program are used to buy and distribute sanitary supplies to the girls in our schools. Learn more hereDonations can be made here

Supplies Kits – $15.00 for 1 Girl per Year

Every supply kit contains one backpack, notebooks, and pencils. Learn more Donations can be made here

Sponsorship Projects – $100.00 for 1 Girl’s Annual Education

All donations made by this program are used to provide a full-year education for a girl. Learn more. Donations can be made here