Education is the only key to empower girls


Many rural communities discourage girls from attending school; rather, they are encouraged to help with household chores and take care of other family members. But this hampers their true potential and enslaves them by making them financially dependent on the male members of the family. One reason for this resistance to teaching young girls is the cultural norm in many communities that believe that females primary role is to take care of the house. Another reason is the lack of financial support to teach all their children, so they prefer to teach the male kids who are believed to be the breadwinners of the household. Whatever the reason be, all girls deserve an education that bolsters and promises a bright future. Please support a single child with a full year of education by donating to our organization. 


Educating girls is crucial not only for their personal growth, but also for the overall community and country. Enforcing these women into the workforce increases the country’s productivity and fuels economic growth in the long run. To ensure this great advantage, it is crucial to empower the next generation of females by providing them with adequate education. Therefore, Women Welfare is working in rural communities to send young girls to schools through sponsorship projects and funds raised. Please consider donating to support this cause.