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The happiest place on earth will be alive forever as long as the women are uplifted forever

Teach the next generation that a strong woman will build a strong nation. Make a woman empowered, and she can face any coward.

about us

Women Welfare is a non-profit organization that is active in many communities all-over India. We aim to provide women with necessary resources that fosters social change and alleviates poverty. By providing educational supplies, we can help rural women that are affected by financial hardships, discrimination, and abuse. Women having sufficient education and resources can help their families and society, but importantly themselves, to combat social injustice that they go through on an everyday basis.

After its establishment in 2021, Women Welfare has arranged numerous food drives for girls in orphanages through partnership. Furthermore, we have hosted online computer science classes for school girls to promote them to pursue a career in technology, which is another field that women are underrepresented in. We look forward to making these women's the torch bearers for a better tomorrow.

Our Programs

Food Distribution

Conducting food distribution drives to solve the problem of hunger.

Sanitary Pad Supplies

Breaking the stigma about periods and providing underprivileged girls proper hygiene resources, such as sanitary napkins.

Environment Protection

We encourage women to advocate for a better environment that ensures a better future.

School Kits

Distributing school supplies so that every student has equal opportunity for quality education.

English & Computer Classe

Hosting online English and computer classes for improving their communication skills, allowing them to work in various domains.

Sponsorship Projects

Allowing underprivileged girls to attend school and better their future by funding their education from sponsorship projects.



We get recognized by the people as we work for the people towards the betterment of all the people. Recognized all over the world as the organization focus on a very serious gender sensitize issue.

Uplifting women and working for their betterment is accelerating with a fast speed as the working in this organization is getting better on a daily basis We embrace the authenticity of the entire organization

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